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Table Of Contents 

  • Getting Started - To understand the registration process of DBSync CloudWorkflow.
  • DBSync Platform - Includes System Requirements, Download and Install, Development Studio, Versions and Security Features.
  • iPaaS - Elements such as Project, Process, Workflow, Trigger, Rules, Scheduler, and Logs.
  • Template Library - Collection of pre-built integration solutions (Channel Advisor, FTP, Jira, Microsoft CRM, QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc)
  • Connectors - DBSync's list of standard connectors.
  • Troubleshoot - Description of possible problems and how to troubleshoot issues related to installation, configuration and administration as well as product-specific issues such as sync, error codes and scheduler issues.
  • Extended Platform - Covers an in-depth offering of ApiCode and User-Defined Functions. Learn how to build a new connector.
  • Embedding Cloud Workflow - Information on the plug-ins needed to run CloudWorkflow.
  • APIServer -  Includes common requirements and functionality needed for API development.
  • Release Notes - Get an update on DBSync latest releases, bug fixes and new enhancements. 
  • Tutorials - DBSync's process learning guide.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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