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This setup document is very handy for Developers and Partners 
Problem Statement
While developing a widely used integration template, we often run into user specific customization. This leads to having the developer create templates for very tasks in which customization's are made per end user requirements. This makes the process every lengthy and tedious. 
This feature of Setup Wizard will enable developers to integrate a few with pre-templates to answer a few questions and easily get started.
With the help of Custom Variable creation, the end-user can now answer a few Custom questions and run the workflow as they desire. This automated process is one of a kind making the job easier for Developers and end-users making the system user friendly.
To understand how to create a Custom Question with Custom Variables, let's consider an example
Need a custom variable, 'to Create Job or not' Under Opportunity of Salesforce developer instance with Invoice creation of QuickBooks sandbox. (online integration).