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Update aborted. Company file is locked by another client
Update aborted. Company file is locked by another client/ RNVSA059
Error in the QuickBooks Web Connector:
Last result: Update aborted. Company file is locked by another client/ RNVSA059
1. Actually that error means someone else is updating the company file and they are in single user mode or performing an operation that locks the company file. QBWC cannot access the company file at that time. QBWC will try again the next time it runs.
2. Also chances are if you're running QuickBooks on a shared Windows Server, or in a hosted scenario with someone like Right Networks, Intuit Cloud, Cloud9, etc.
3. If so, this error means that Windows Server auto-logged-out some users and closed QuickBooks for them, but is still holding the file lock on the QuickBooks company file. Windows will automatically release the file lock after a short amount of time (usually 30 minutes to an hour)
This error/issue should be taken care of by Right Networks, Intuit Cloud, Cloud9 like where your QB application is hosted on the remote server and it is not a DBSync Issue.

There are some chances to resolve this issue by following the steps below:
1. First, please address all your Book-Keepers to Log-off from QB Application. Then restart the QuickBooks application where your QuickBooks is hosted.
2. Secondly restarting QuickBooks Application, and login into your QuickBooks application with Admin credentials and take your QuickBooks into single user mode. Then try for the sync 2-3 times.
3. After that you can switch to Multi-user mode and the rest of the book keepers can re-login to QB and they can work accordingly.

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