DBSync Replication tool facilitates Database to Salesforce Replication using Control Flag (do_sync_flag) as shown below. Use of do_sync_flag is illustrated in detail with example in the topic do_sync_flag.

Run Process

Actions Performed

Database to Salesforce
(By Control Flag)

Identifies changes in the Database and updates Salesforce records based on the database column Do_Sync_Flag attributes.
This process is not compatible when Cassandra Database is used for replication.

Database to Salesforce Synchronization can be performed in the same profile where in Salesforce to Database Replication is configured. This section explains the step by step process.

          Note: The database URL can also be entered manually if you know your database Connection string.




The record has been synchronized between Salesforce.com and Database


A request from an external system to indicate that the record needs to be synchronized from Database to Salesforce.com


Indicates that the record was deleted in Salesforce.com