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Enterprises are rapidly storing structured and unstructured data and traditional relational databases are challenged to efficiently capture all of the elements and attributes. Big Tables, like Cassandra, fill this gap. With the new release of DBSync, we provide Enterprises the opportunity to adopt best of cloud applications, like Salesforce, and leverage Big Data to store and discover knowledge. With Salesforce data fed into a Big Table, customers can not only efficiently archive but also discover and data mine knowledge from sales, marketing and support.

  • Complete or incremental archiving or replication of data for SOX or other IT compliance
  • Auto-detection and addition of new attributes and data elements in BigTables from Salesforce
  • Record Versioning and history tracking
  • Auto-scaling with Cassandra.
  • Ability to extend to include Search and Analytics.

This section explains the detailed steps involved in DBSync Cloud Replication with Cassandra Database and Archive & Non Archive Mode of Replication.

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