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Overriding Database's Datatypes property helps to override default datatype in the database. 

To enable this property, please follow the below steps.

    1. If table is already created/exist in database then set alter.schema.override=true in and alter.schema.size should be set to false
    2. Edit <used-Database>.properties under <<install-folder>>\dbsync-repl\WEB-INF\db\conf
    3. The datatype need to be overridden should be added like <old_datatype>.default=<new_datatype>
      eg. to override varchar to text, we can write varchar.default=text
      Note: This will change all varchar fields to new datatype or you can change the limit like Varchar (100) to Varchar (200) or any other number. 
      Remove the # tag before the picklist and save the changes and then run the build again.
      To change only for specific field use Force Property
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