Upgrading to DBSync 4.3 ( On-Premise Version)

Download the application


Backing up Your Current Projects

Uninstalling the Previous Version of DBSync

Upgrading the Application

Verify your Configuration

Setting DBSync as Windows Service after Installation

  1. Go to Windows Start -- All Programs -- DBSync Integration Suite
  2. Right Click -- Set as Service

Alternatively, you can follow the following article to configure installed Tomcat as a Windows service

Tomcat and IIS: Install & Setup

Troubling tomcat errors that prevent DBSync / tomcat as service

Load Balancing and best Practices

Upgrading to DBSync 4.3 ( On Demand Version)

  Login with the valid DBSync credentials 

  1. Download all the available projects to your local file system
  2. Go to Company Tab and then click on the company name  hyperlink which will open "Information"  page 
  3. From the "DBSync Org properties " section, change the URL to "https://app04.mydbsync.com/DBSync/login.m"
  4. Now the launch the DBSync platform from the app center page 
  5. Import the previously downloaded projects to the workspace