DBSync for SkuVault & QuickBooks Online is easy to use integration template. It integrates SkuVault  Supplier, Item, Sales Order, Purchase Order with QuickBooks Vendors, Item, Estimate, and Purchase Order respectively. This template provides Uni-directional sync with a pre-built field-to-field mapping along with the flexibility for more complex and dynamic mapping capability. 

Data Flow

The Data-Flow of SkuVault Warehouse Management System and QuickBooks online application is as shown in the table below.    

Process Flow

The data flow is explained in the later sections of this tutorial - it is a standard predefined template provided by DBSync iPaaS to its customers.

The predefined template provided by DBSync iPaaS platform constitutes the data-flows in a template. This results in easy maintenance and enables customers to run the data sync as per their business requirements.

SKuVault Connector Configuration details link- SkuVault Connectors.

QuickBooks Online Connector Configuration details link- QuickBooks Online Connector

SkuVault Warehouse Management to QuickBooks online:

This section explains the data flow from the SkuVault Warehouse Management System to the QuickBooks online application. It is customized as per entity so that the readers can understand the integration requirement and configure their template with minimal help from DBSync support teams. 

Running The Integrations:

DBSync integration of SkuVault & QuickBooks can be ushered by:

  1. Using the run-now button from the process listing page of DBSync.
  2. Using DBSync Scheduler.

Using Run-Now Buttons From DBSync platform

The user can log in to DBSync with his/her valid credentials. Then, either Click the Run-now button from the process listing page; or, from the workflow listing page. 

Using DBSync Scheduler