DBSync Cloud Replication (Salesforce with Amazon Redshift)

Most of the features of DBSync Replication will work the same irrespective of the database. The general process of Replication Salesforce to Database and Database to Salesforce is explained in the below links.



The functionality that is specific to Redshift database Replication is mentioned below.

Update Database Schema:

Salesforce to Database (Clean Copy):

Salesforce to Database (Incremental):

Database to Salesforce:

Amazon Redshift Database details in DBSync Replication Profile

The following details should be entered in DBSync Replication console. Connection can be tested by clicking on Test Connection button. Click on Save to save database details in your profile.

Database Username: Amazon Redshift username

Database Password: Amazon Redshift Password

Database URL: Database URL will auto populate once you update the below details

Type: Redshift

Host: Redshift Hostname/IP Address
(Ex: dbsync-replication.cc9kpgwxioda.us-east-1.redshift.amazonaws.com)

Port: Redshift Port Number (Ex: 5439)

Database: Redshift Master Database Name (Ex: dbsync)