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Filter Criteria in DBSync Cloud Replication can be used if replication from Salesforce to Database has to be done with certain conditions. Filter Criteria must be specified using SOQL. The detailed illustration with example is shown below.

  • ‘Accounts’ object in Salesforce is as shown below and the same needs to be replicated to database only when the Type is ‘Customer – Direct’ and SLA is ‘Silver’.


  • In this scenario Type and SLA picklists with various options are as shown.

  • In DBSync Cloud Replication, Filter Criteria is available under Salesforce Sync Object Details tab.

  • SOQL must be used to meet the required criteria. API name must be used in SOQL. Filter Criteria must be saved before running the replication. 

  • After successful run, Accounts data from Salesforce, only of type ‘Customer – Direct’ and SLA ‘Silver’ will be replicated to database.
  • Similarly various SOQL can be used to meet the requirement.

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