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  • Get the DBSync Linux zip file from the following URL

  • Once the zip file is downloaded to the desired location on your Linux server, navigate to the folder and  use the command unzip -d /install-dir

  • The event manager of the Replication tool can be pointed to a specific directory with the following steps. The below command takes you to the directory path of the event manager of the DBSync Cloud Replication tool.

  • The directory path of the event manager is shown below.

  • Directory DBSync must be replaced by the required directory name to point the event manager to that directory.

  • Change the permission for the scripts by getting into the bin folder and provide executive permission for all the shell scripts using the command Chmod 755 *.sh.

  • At this point, the DBSync Cloud Replication tool is installed on your Linux server. You can start the DBSync Cloud Replication tool by navigating to the bin folder and running the command from the terminal window ./ start.

  • To check the logs you can run the command tail --f logs/catalina.out as illustrated in the below screenshot

  • To access the DBSync Cloud Replication console, please paste the http://localhost:8080/dbsync URL in your browser address bar and you will be presented with the DBSync Cloud Replication Home page.

  • To stop DBSync Cloud Replication, navigate to the bin folder and execute the script ./ stop from the terminal window and to check the status of process execute the command ps --ef | grep java as shown below.

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