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DBSync Cloud Replication can run replication process using Web API thus allowing usage of Web Service call to initiate the process of replication. This section explains the steps involved in running the replication using Web API.

The URL should be passed to run the replication using Web API. When the URL is passed, if any replication process is already running, the status will show as running. If no other process is running, the status will show as submitted which actually initiates replication process depending on the URL.
URL should be in the below format.


<<profile-name>> is the name of the profile
<<run-type>> decides the type of replication process and it can be cleancopy, source_to_db or db_to_source

  • cleancopy
    • to run clean copy from Source to Database
  • source_to_db
    • to run update schema sync from Source to Database
  • db_to_source
    • to run Database to Source replication


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