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  • Get the DBSync Replication zip folder from the following URL

  • Once the zip file is downloaded to the desired location on your Windows Machine, Navigate to the designated folder and Extract/Unzip to the desired location.

  • Change the JRE_HOME variable in catalina.bat file located at <InstallDir>/apache-tomcat-8.5.11/bin folder to the path where JRE is located. If you do not have JRE installed, Download it from (we recommend using only Oracle JRE) 

  • Change the JAVA_HOME variable in run.bat file located at <InstallDir>/apache-tomcat-8.5.11/scripts folder to the path where JRE is located.

  • At this point, the DBSync Cloud Replication tool is successfully installed on your Windows machine. You can start the DBSync Cloud Replication tool by navigating to the bin folder and executing startup.bat script.

  • To access the DBSync Cloud Replication console, Paste https://localhost:8080/dbsync URL in your browser address bar and you will be presented with the DBSync Cloud Replication Home page.

  • Running the application under batch mode:
    • Go to <install folder>/dbsync/scripts. Make sure that setenv.bat points to your install directory.
    • For Sync schema Run – run <profile name> Update Schema
      • Example: run DBSync Update Schema
    • For getting a clean copy Run – run <profile name> Cleancopy
      • Example: run DBSync Cleancopy
    • For moving data from to database Run – run <profile name> Source to DB
      • Example: run DBSync Source to DB
    • For moving data from the database to Run – run <profile name> DB to Source
      • Example: run DBSync DB to Source

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