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DR-1582 Change default column size values for each database type in system.properties

column size values are set to the default maximum column size limit to the allowed maximum limit in  __system.properties__ file for all the databases 

DR-1581 DB2 Replication of most objects fails due to different errors

Issue of Salesforce to IBM DB2 database replication fails for different objects with multiple errors has been resolved 

DR-1563 Restore with child query return all the columns information which are not specified in query

Restore with child query builder results show all columns irrespective of the query.This has been resolved and now results are showing as per the query 

 DR-1534 SaaS-BR : MALFORMED_QUERY Implementation restriction Issue.

an option to enable/disable filters on the Objects page and an option to save/clear the filter query manually so that human errors can be avoided.

New Feature

DR-1549 CR- Need option to save backup to different location while upgrade

Added the property “upgrade.backup.dir=SOME-DIRECTORY>“ in the system.properties to store the backups inside the desired file directory.

DR-1136 Incrementally export Data from Production to Sandbox instance

A new flag " Incremental Export" has been introduced to support the incremental copy during export.

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