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Setup Salesforce instance

To set up you salesforce instance follow the steps below:

  • Login to DBSync Cloud Replication instance

  • Select the desired profile 

  • Connect to Salesforce

Following fields are auto filled:

  • Environment and Soap Endpoint

Click the blue icon Connect to Salesforce:

  • A pop-up asking for your Salsforce credentials will appear on the screen

  • Provide the login credential and click Log In

The User Name and Password fields are automatically populated 

  • You can configure the advanced settings to include:
    1. Incremental update time offset 
       Incremental Update Time Offset is used at the time of retrieving the latest data from Salesforce. The timeframe in seconds that is specified in this field will work as an offset to the actual SystemModStamp/LastModifiedDate/CreatedDate timestamp. The latest delta changes are displayed using one of these three DateTime fields.
    2. Salesforce API Calls Usage Limit
      Use this field to set the limit on the number of API calls allowed during replication
    3. Salesforce object type 
      Select the object type as 'Replicatable' or Non-Replicatable' . These are Salesforce objects that have bi-directional sync and support both clean copy and incremental replication
  • Click Save 

  • A pop-up confirming the Connection is Saved will appear on the screen

  • Click Test Connection

  • A pop-up confirming the connection is established will appear on the screen.

  • Click Next

  • You will be redirected to configure your Database.

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