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ApiCode Overview 

ApiCode is a framework that allows developers to plug-in custom JAVA code. It can effectively integrate with any external system. This can be done by implementing the necessary "ApiCode" interface exposed for integration with DBSync platform.

Example : 

Let us say there is an Organization that has its catalog of products/items listed on a custom E-commerce platform. At regular intervals, it needs to backup and sync its product catalog into their database. The client uses DBSync platform to sync data between the two systems - i.e E-commerce platform and a database. Furthermore, the client needs to push the products and invoices information from E-commerce platform to database, This is a typical scenario for ApiCode integration of the portal.

Custom ApiCode needs to be used to read data from E-commerce platform plug into the integration workflow with DBSync. On one side we have the Integration with the database using the DBSync Connector. On the other side, there is Custom ApiCode library that interacts with the E-commerce engine to push the data from E-commerce platform to the database.

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