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Converting DBSync Version from On-Demand to On-Premise

  1. Go to and click on Customer Login. Enter your Username and Password. Then, click on Sign in. Next, click on Launch, to access DBSync Integration Console.
  2. In DBSync console, click on Edit from the Manage Toggle Button.
  3. In the Process Builder console, on your process name, Right Click to select Download. In this tutorial, the process name is "BiDirectionalSync". As shown in the screenshot below:
  4. A Zip file will start downloading. Store the zip file on your hard disk and, always keep a backup of that zip file.
  5. If you have more than one profile in DBSync then, follow the above steps for all the profiles.
  6. Click on Company to see all the usernames. Click on Edit under DBSync Org Properties. Then, click on Edit and enter the following URL - "http://localhost:8080/dbsync2/login.m".
  7. Download DBSync from Home page and Install DBSync application on your Local System. For detailed installation process, please refer the following link -
  8. Go to your DBSync Home Page. Click on Launch. Then, click on Create Profile. Enter the desired name for your profile in the popup box.
  9. A new profile will be added in your DBSync profile page with Process Template Name.
  10. Click on Manage > Edit for the Profile in the DBSync console.
  11. Click on upload and select the zip file you downloaded earlier from the saved location. The file will be uploaded to the profile that was created. This completes the Conversion process.
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