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Installing On-Premise version of DBSync

  • Open www.mydbsync.com from your browser and click on Customer Login.
  • Login to your DBSync profile by entering your DBSync Username & Password.
  • Once logged in, go to the Download section for Windows and Linux link.
  • Download the DBSync application by clicking on the Download link as shown.

  • Double-click DBSync_VXX_XXX.exe to start the installation. The "_Welcome to the DBSync Cloud Workflow 4.8 Setup _Wizard" displays:
  • Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and click Next.

  • Click Next to use the default directory for installation.
  • If you want to install DBSync in a different location, then click Browse and specify the location.

Note: The minimum free disk space required to install DBSync Cloud Workflow 4.8 in your system is 179 MB.

  • Click "Next" to use the default directory from the start menu folder.
  • If a user wants to select a different start-up DBSync Cloud Workflow 4.8 folder then, click "Browse" and specify the folder.
  • Select an additional icon checkbox to create the " Desktop " and " Quick Launch " icons.

  • Click Next. The 'Ready to Install' Wizard displays. You can view the installation destination location, folder and additional tasks you have selected.

  • Click Back to review; or, to make any changes.
  • Click Install to continue with the installation. The Installing Progress wizard displays the progress of installation as the files are being copied.

  • Click Cancel to stop the installation. Or else, the installation completes without any interruption.
  • DBSync Cloud Workflow 4.8 Completing Integration Suite Setup Wizard displays the status of the installation.

Note: You can also use DBSync as a service by placing a checkmark in the checkbox - as shown above.

  • Click on Finish to complete the installation of On-Premise DBSync.