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Why Edit the Session Date and Time of a Process Definition?

Many times a user will want to further customize a process to better suit their specific business needs. In order to better meet their needs, DBSync has the ability for the user to edit the session date and time of a process definition.

The Procedure: How to Edit Process Definition Session Date Time

1. Right click on the Process name (i.e the name of the process you are trying to edit) under the Navigation pane on the upper right side of the application to edit the selected process definition file. Please see the screen shot below for an illustration of the process.

2. After clicking the “editsessions” button, an empty version of the following dialog box appears (as shown in the screen shot below)
Note: The ($last_success_run) -> keyword in the queries uses the timestamp which is available under the Session Properties of that process definition.

The screen shot below is of the Session Details dialog box. Please refer to this screen shot when referencing the steps following the screen shot.

3. Enter the Last Completed Run of the files based on the time stamp as per your requirement. By default DBSync 2.0 will update the timestamp after synchronization.
4. Enter the date and time stamp of the Last Start Time of the files
5. Enter the date and time stamp of the Last Success Run of the files
6. Click Save to save the session details
7. Click Cancel to discard the changes.

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