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Beta Release

This is part of our Beta Release. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in participating in this Beta Release.


We have made it simple for our ISV partners to embed the platform and provide to their customers a seamless way to experience integrating popular applications with their application. 

Who should use it?

  • Application Service Providers: Need integration capabilities without the overhead of managing such an effort.
  • Developers: Wants to build integration and monetize their work by providing it to their customer base.
  • Enterprise Architects: Wants to provide an iPaaS experience to their internal clients.

Get Started

  • First step on getting started is to reach out to your Partner Account Manager. Then, request for a Partner Application Key and Token. These keys will be essential for any integration going forward.
    (Email -  embedded-cw-sales@mydbsync.com) 
  • Use Partner API - User Management to create users for you application. Start with the Swagger API and then you can develop and integrate with your own user management code.
  • Download and install the Embedded Cloud Workflow Engine. 
    • Configure the engine to connect with your application and DBSync platform. 
    • Setup your local database with included SQL scripts for user management and data flow logging.
  • Embed Javascript for DBSync Embedded Widget into your UI.
  • Start using the application.
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