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By Definition, a Function is a group of statements that, together, performs a task. In DBSync, Functions are categorized as:

  1. Standard Functions 
  2. User Defined Functions 

Standard Functions

Standard Functions, or built in Functions, refer to specific Function by name. Functions are available to all users of a project. If a project is imported, the same files and Functions, from the original project, are available to the cloned project.

 Note 1: Functions are code sensitive.
 Note 2: When you are using Functions, the string objects must be enclosed in single quotes.

The Standard Functions are listed, in detail, in the iPaaS section. Click on the Standard Functions to learn about the inbuilt Functions offered by our DBSync iPaaS.

User Defined Functions 

User-Defined functions are those functions that are defined by the user from the DBSync platform. Functions are used for code reuseability and to save time and space. 

At present, DBSync platform supports creation of UDF in JavaScript.

Benefits are :

  1. It provides modularity. As a result, a user can create once and then, reuse it across any project that allows create once and reuse n number of times. 
  2. Easy code reuseability. You just have to call Functions by its name to reuse it.
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