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Log Files lists actions that have occurred on the platform. Logs are maintained in the system to list every request made to the DBSync server. Log files help to identify users' locations and the actions they are performing. Log files are only created if a process is run and scheduled as completed.

The log section within DBSync can be accessed from the menu link within a project. The screenshot below shows the log listing page.

  1. The log listing page has filter criteria. The page can be filtered based on Process Name, Date Range, etc. 
  2. Click on View, to view a Detailed log page for specific sync processes.
  3. Delete All Logs will delete all the entries of a process along with detailed logs.
  4. The status icon shows the completed, or uncompleted, error logs. 

Log Detailed View 

  1. Users will have an option to filter records based on search, Level, Step. 
  2. Users can Download - To download files to the local file system.
  3. Any Message will expand the section that shows a detailed message description.
  4. Error code will redirect the user to the Help section of the site.
  5. Close, will open the Log listing page. 

The screenshot below shows the Log Detailed page:

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