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Payment “Applied_Date” from QuickBooks ReceivePayment  into  SalesForce (Invoice) Object

Create new DBSync Workflow under same Project and use the following DBSync query to fetch the records from QuickBooks  ReceivePayment Object

DBSync Query :

select * from ReceivePayment where ReceivePayment.MaxReturned=100 and ReceivePayment.ModifiedDateRangeFilter.FromModifiedDate=$last_success_run and ReceivePayment.IncludeLineItems=true and ReceivePayment.OwnerID=0

Create a new rule:  

Select Target as "SalesForce" use the "Update" call and select the target Object as "AVSFQB__Invoices__c"

Please find the screenshot for above rule to create:

Add the following mapping in the mapping window and click on Save & Close button and then click on “Save Workflow” button to save entire WorkFlow



TLOOKUP("select Id from AVSFQB__Invoices__c where AVSFQB__Quickbooks_Id__c='"+VALUE("AppliedToTxnRet/TxnID")+"'")




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