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Project Listing

A project is a collection of processes and workflows. It contains a set of instructions for pulling data out of source systems and placing it into Target Systems.

The following screenshot illustrates the projects belonging to the logged-in user - Created or Imported.

Create, Edit and Delete Project 

To create a new project - "Create New Project"- 

  1. Enter a preferred name and "Save" to view the project on the listing page.
  2. "Edit"- To edit/change the project name.
  3. "Delete"- To Delete the project and all of its components from the system. Once deleted, a user will not be able to recover projects, or any of its components, from the system.
  4.  "Download"-  Download the project in a zipped format in the Downloads folder of the local file system.

Import Project 

DBSync supports two ways to import a project:


  1. "Choose" From Existing project" - Select a zipped file from the local system. The new file will replace the existing project.
  2. "Create New Project"- Choose a zipped file from the local system and click on import.
  3. Cancel to exit out of the Import Project process.

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