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When an existing transaction - like Invoice or sales order - is updated with new transaction details, such transactions are termed as Recurring Transaction. This module explains a step-by-step process involved while integrating DBSync with Salesforce Opportunities as Recurring Transactions into accounting systems like QuickBooks and Great Plains.

Most of the steps are involved with Salesforce - like enabling schedules for opportunity line items, installing DBSync Recurring Transactions Package and, scheduling an apex class. After making all the necessary changes in Salesforce, DBSync must be enabled with Recurring Transactions mapping to run an integration. This will successfully sync Salesforce Opportunity as Recurring Transaction into Accounting System.

Key Benefits:
Integrate Salesforce Opportunity as Recurring Transactions into Accounting System.

Salesforce Adapter.
QuickBooks Adapter.
Great Plains Adapter.

DBSync for QuickBooks/Great Plains. 

Enable Schedules for Opportunity line Items in Salesforce

  • Login to Salesforce using admin credentials.
  • Go to user menu > Setup > Customize > Products > Schedule Setup.
  • Enable the ability to create schedules on Products by enabling Quantity and Revenue Schedules as shown in the image below.
  • Go to User menu > Opportunities > Page Layouts > Drag 'IsRecurring' and 'Next Sync On' to DBSync section > Save the changes.

Install DBSync Recurring Transactions Package in Salesforce

  • Use the URL mentioned below to login to access Salesforce Package Installation details.


  • Login to Salesforce using Admin credentials. Package Installation Details will be displayed. Click on continue to proceed.
  • Approve Package API Access and then click Next.
  • Security level must be selected to grant access. Click Next to proceed.
  • The package is ready to be installed. Click Install to install.
  • Install complete message will be displayed. This will confirm that DBSync Recurring Transactions package is installed.

Schedule an Apex Class in Salesforce

  • Go to Username > Develop > Apex Classes > Schedule Apex to implement the schedule able interface to be automatically executed on a weekly or monthly interval.
  • Enter the record details as mentioned below and click Save.
  1. Job Name > Recurring Transactions.
  2. Apex Class > select the class DBSyncProductSchedule.
  3. Select Weekly Frequency and select all the days. As a result, the Schedule will run every day. Next, set your Opportunity to sync with your Accounting System when it syncs using DBSync.
  4. Set the Start and End Date as per the requirement. Set the "Preferred Start Time" as 1 AM.
  5. Save the record.
  6. To ensure the schedule is set, and is in the Queue, Go to User menu > Setup > Administration Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs. You will see the schedule listed on the page.
  • Note: Administrator Rights is required to perform the above steps. 

Enable Recurring Transactions Mapping in DBSync

  • Enable mapping for the required transaction and save the mapping before running the integration.


It is also necessary that Salesforce Opportunity is created with the right parameters to sync Recurring Transactions into Accounting Systems.

  • Items with Schedules, for the date specified in Next Sync On, will be pushed in your transactions in Accounting System. Line Items without schedules will not be pushed into your Accounting System.
  • If you want to remove the recurring feature for an Opportunity then, uncheck the field "IsRecurring" in the Opportunity.
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