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Effective Release Date: May 9, 2011

Release Notes:

Intaact Adapter

Intaact Adapter is one of the new additions in the DBSync. Now Integrate your Intaact system with other systems like Salesforce, Database, Microsoft GreatPlains, QuickBooks and other Database and File based System. Intaact Adapter is designed to allow you to move data in and out of the Intaact's Financial Application Suite.

Email Adapter

The Email Adapter provides an easy way to send emails to an SMTP/SMTPS Email Server. Use this for sending automated emails when processes are completed or errors occur. See Email Adapter  for more information.

New Lookup Functions

Three new functions MEMTABLE(), MEMLOOKUP() & TLOOKUP() are added in DBSync to simplify lookup option in mappings. You can use these functions to dynamically lookup a value from any object or table. These functions work with all the Adapters.

New Log Rotation Policy

DBSync has a new log rotation policy in place. Now the log files generated will not grow more than 2.5 MB. Once the log file grows more than 2.5 MB, older logs are moved to archive log files and this sequence continues until the archive reaches the log file no 10.

DBSync Logs in Ascending Order

Now the logs in DBSync are displayed in ascending order, so it is easier to identify the recent most logs. In case of any errors during the sync it also helps the user in finding the errors out easily.

Row Structure to in FIle or Database Rows to XML

DBSync now allows the users to convert the Database and Flat file rows into an XML structure. Learn more on easily grouping records here .

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