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Effective Release Date: December 16, 2016

Release Notes:

LOOKUP Added To Standard Functions

In this release we have added a new function to the list of existing standard function i.e. LOOKUP . LOOKUP function is used to query in the given connector instance and the query is only executed when the connector name is passed to it. Syntax of the function is as follows .


LOOKUP(connector_name, query)

Example : LOOKUP("localdb", "select * from test1 where id = 100") , In this example the localdb is the connector name of the DB Connector instance and test1 is database name .

LOG Added To Standard Functions

In this release we have added a new function to the list of the existing standard functions i.e. LOG . This function can be used to write any run time value to console during a workflow execution. The syntax for the LOG function is as follows 

Syntax :

LOG(String message)

Example : LOG("myLog"), LOG(VALUE("fieldName")).

Logs Sort Order

In the Logs summary page of the DBSync CW, we have introduced that each logs of the process will appear in the reverse chronological order which means latest execute process log appears on the top of the listing . 

Workflow Name Change 

With this release we have introduced Naming and Re-Naming for Workflows. While creating a Workflow the user can give the name of his/her choice with alphanumeric characters with permissible length of 25 .

The Renaming can be done for Workflow just by clicking on the hovering over the TextBox of the name field and click to enter the name where as for Trigger section the renaming should be done from the Properties Tab.

Minor Fixes 

MSCRM RMI Adapter Fixes Netsuite Adapter Fixes SkuVault Adapter Fixes

  • MSCRM RMI connector bug fixes
  • Netsuite Connector bug fixes
  • SkuVault Connector bug fixes
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