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Effective Release Date: January 26, 2017

Release Notes:

DB2 Support Added

In this build we have added the one more database which is IBM's DB2 as a part of DBSync CW Database connector.

GroupBy Clause In MSCRM 

Our MSCRM Connector which supports both SQL like queries and MS proprietary Fetch XML through Trigger section  will have the ability to support  Group By Clause. Through this clause DBSync CW users can group the records to be viewed in Result pane of the trigger section.

Scheduler Architectural Enhancement 

The Scheduler enhancement is a architectural improvement for scheduler module with in DBSync CW which now has database as data source. For on premise installation we do support .xml file based data source and database as data source.

Minor Fixes 

  • Stack Over flow Error with QuickBuick online conector
  • Missing files in tomcat for on premise builds
  • $ variables bug fix in Trigger section (Simplified Query Builder)
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