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Effective Release Date: June 14th, 2017
Release Notes:

Minor Fixes 

1. MSCRM Online Connector : The logs are not published to the user interface in the log viewer due to an issue in RMI which is now fixed. The logs are now working fine for MSCRM online connector in this release.
2. MSCRM Online Connector : New additional logs have been added which will be helpful if sync is failed and are helpful while debugging.
3. Disable Delete Connector : The connector instance can only be deleted if they are not referenced else where in Integration life cycle or in any of the projects / process / workflows. So in this release we have added validation rules before deleting connector instance.
4. Deprecated Function Soft Delete: The functions which are not implemented in DBSync will not show up in the UI level of standard function list in mapping page.
5. Additional Logs For Lookup Function : we have added additional logs for lookup functions which can be used while debugging in case of sync failure and user should be able to identify the fault to fix it. 
6. Scheduler Fix On-Premise : For On premise version of DBSync the scheduler jobs were getting duplicated after some time which is causing the process to trigger to run apart from the scheduled time intervals and this issue is fixed for this release.

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