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Effective Release Date: August 14th, 2017
Release Notes:


  • Logs View Screen: The Logs View screen now displays source of log as Trigger, Rule, update source respectively.
  • Workflow Screen:  Whenever a new Workflow is created from the Workflow screen, This workflow will get pushed to the bottom of the existing list as opposed to the top of the list.

MSCRM Online Connector Fixes 

  1. In this build we have added few more log functions which would help user to debug through log section in case of sync failure.
  2. The standard function of TLookup was not able to link related list during integrations, We have fixed in this release.
  3. We have added support for multiple joins which can built through trigger section.

SkuVault Connector Fixes

  1. Attributes object is made as an optional field instead of mandatory which was limiting the products to be integrated into target system.
  2. Sales order and Purchase order sync was not happening due to conflict with attribute object and it is fixed in this release.

Other Connector Fixes 

  1. QuickBooks Desktop connector : We have found the objects are duplicated in the drop down list of the Rule section and this issue has been fixed.
  2. Salesforce connector: Whenever there is a split query used in trigger section, the mapping screen is not showing up the loop over objects and which is fixed in this release.
  3. JIRA Service Desk Connector : We have enhanced the JIRA connector to support Incremental data read by passing the JIRA user's timezone variable.

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