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Effective Release Date: March 23rd, 2020
Release Notes:


  • Make connectors global for org
  • Global Connector - QB Desktop Connector Creation
  • Global Connector-Remove project and process name from the connection page, ask it in the modal window when users download the web connector.
  • Global Connector-Merging into existing global connector if the same type and user (select 1st global connector name)
  • Global Connector-Better UX for skip/override during the project import process.
  • Global Connector-Ftp and db connectors need a more strict condition for checking similarity
  • Global Connector-Show project name for which adapter has reference
  • Global Connector-Take to account credentials when picking a global connector to merge in.
  • Global Connector-When project is created do not navigate to connectors page
  • Global Connector-Flip connectors to merge with the target connector.
  • Global Connector-Messages should be consistent. Avoid unnecessary camel case.
  • Global Connector - QBO connector: connection via oauth2 fails on branch CW-810
  • Logs to track IP Address
  • Add groupLineItem field support for QBO objects
  • Pagination changes for all Shopify APIs
  • Need the option to configure CRLFand CR in files created in FTP server
  • Global Connector Rollout
  • Additional API's for Shopify
  • Sybase database support for CW
  • New MSCRM mapping speed improvement
  • ODBC Support for Database Adapter (Sybase)

Minor Fixes

  • Global Connector-In case of in the system are global and local connectors with the same name and some of it has references, deletion doesn't work.
  • Global Connector-During import new project some connectors not moving into the global scope
  • Global Connector-Move to global doesn't work on staging
  • Global Connector-Clicking on breadcrumb a new project with name Global Connectors are created
  • Global Connector-Delete connector fails on staging. (zero bytes pdl files breaking the flow)
  • Global Connector-QBD connector doesn't work
  • Global Connector-In case connector with the same name exists in local and global scope system not working properly
  • Global Connector-QBO connector doesn't work
  • Global Connector-Sometimes null and undefined area in the message for merging connectors
  • Global Connector-Connect to salesforce doesn't work for global connector
  • Global Connector-Import project fails for new user
  • Global Connector- MSCRM connector doesn't work
  • Global Connector-There is no Move to the global button for the local connector on staging v1
  • Global Connector-Incorrect list of connectors to merge
  • Global connectors: FTP connector fails
  • Global Connectors - Sometimes adv. query builder preview doesn't work for SF adapter
  • Global Connector - QBO connector: Schema doesn't come in query builder on branch CW-810
  • Global connectors: cannot find map file
  • Global connectors: sometimes connectors disappear
  • Global Connector: Load default folder from conf directory
  • ApiCode Connectors: Query Builder conditions not working
  • Missing User-defined functions in the mapping screen
  • Global Connector: Status writer name not changing
  • Global Connector: On Connector Merge schema loading fails in workflows
  • Validating all connectors before loading task is slowing down the opening of task
  • Query conditions not visible

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