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CW-1551 Need more specific error messages when there is no record found in the Target system to update the information
When updating SF and if we do not find the Id to update a record, the error message was just showing up as Id not specified in the update call. The error message is now modified to point as Unable to update "Salesforce Object Name". Id is empty or not specified. This will allow the end user to understand which object update fails.

CW-1422 Even if woocommerce connector is disconnected the records are getting synced.
This issue has been fixed now when WooCommerce connector is disconnected from DBSync, it will error on connector disconnection.

New Feature

CW-1055 Q2 project:Character limit exceeded

Character Limitations for QB Desktop fields for commonly used Customer, Invoice and Item tables are added. The character limitations based on QB Desktop API documentation will be auto handled within product upon direct field mapping for below fields - Account Name,Account Numbers,Amount,DataExtValue,Customer message (Invoices),Customer/Vendor/Employee -Name,ItemName,FirstName,LastName,Item Description(Invoices/SalesOrders/CreditMemos/Estimates),ManufacturerPartNumber(Items),Job Description,Memo,Notes,Username,Password,Ship to Name,RefNumber,LotNumbers,CompanyName,BillAddress/Addr1,BillAddress/Addr2,BillAddress/Addr3,BillAddress/Addr4,BillAddress/Addr5,ShipAddress/Addr1,ShipAddress/Addr2,ShipAddress/Addr3,ShipAddress/Addr4,ShipAddress/Addr5

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