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New Feature

CW-1635 Narvar Connector

  • Built a new connector Narvar for one of our existing client Veto Pro Pac.
  • Narvar provides companies with software that improves the post-purchase experience. That can include a better interface when it comes to shipping, more detailed text updates, and then of course options to return products and buy new ones
  • DBSync Integrates the Order data for this client from Salesforce once the Order is shipped and has tracking number from Salesforce to Narvar application
  • I will schedule a demo for this connector shortly 


CW-1692 Narvar Connector Authentication task

  • Bug fix for authentication error message was fixed for Narvar connector

CW-1685 Cannot login to appcenter if there is + symbol in user name

  • Few user names with + symbol were unable to login to Cloud workflow and launch our Dev studio
  • Dev fixed the issue with + special character

CW-1673 project or profile got deleted for d365 connector combination after registration

CW-1670 Flow name is missing in the log for the error

  • Flow name inside the logs was not displaying for one of the projects for an existing client - Alrugaib Furniture
  • Issue was related to improper message processing  and the bug is fixed now

CW-1664 Connectors are disconnecting multiple times a week

  • QB online connectors were getting disconnected frequently. The issue was with QB access tokens with
  • The client reconnected to QB online and we observed them for about two weeks and the issue did not come up again 

CW-1616 Connectors page is disappearing frequently

  • Connectors' pages and profiles were disappearing for a few clients 
  • We found that profile.xml was either getting corrupted or getting empty
  • Dev team has found a fix to do a check before every sync to find the profile.xml file is either corrupted or empty, retain the previous profile.xml file
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