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DBSync for Salesforce Report API integration is an easy to use integration solution. It is used to backup reports and allows Integration with other DBSync supported applications - like CRM and ERP solutions etc.

With automatic online update, DBSync enables its customers to enjoy all the product updates and features with every new release.


In order to be able to use the DBSync Salesforce Report API connector, the user needs:

  • A license for the DBSync Salesforce Report API connector. That is, a username and password to connect to the DBSync iPaaS platform. And, a user must add Salesforce Report API connector to his/her account.
  • A valid username and password to connect to Salesforce Report API.

Make Sure you have a valid Username and Password to access the Salesforce Report API. For more information, follow the steps below.


  • Make sure the number of records in any particular report is less than 2000 - as Salesforce Report API returns only the first 2000 records.
  • If there are more than 2000 records then, it will only fetch the first 2000 records.
  • It supports only Tabular reports.

Connector Configurations

A Salesforce Report API connector instance represents a single Salesforce account, including login credentials. If a user wishes to connect to multiple instances of either sandbox/production then, s/he must create a separate connection for each instance.

The parameters required to open a connection to a Salesforce Report API user instance are:





The username to connect to Salesforce Instance.



The password to connect to Salesforce Instance.


After a connector is created within a project, set up the connector within the process. DBSync can then map to, and from, virtually any system using the Salesforce Report API connector to retrieve data from, or send data to, databases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a trial of DBSync?

A: DBSync is available free for 14 days trial after going through the Signup process.

Q: Is this connector available with, On-demand or On-premise, Versions?

A: This profile is available with both the Versions.

Q: What are the type of Salesforce reports supported by DBSync?

A:  You can only sync Tabular reports with your databases, Google Sheets and many more.

Q: How many records can we fetch?

A: Only the first 2,000 records can be fetched at the time of Integration.

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