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DBSync for TradeGecko & Salesforce integration template is easy to use integration solution. It integrates TradeGecko Customer, Products, Sales Order and Sales Order Line with Salesforce Account, Product, and Opportunity and Opportunity Product. DBSync provides bi-directional sync between TradeGecko and Salesforce with the pre-built field-to-field mappings along with flexibility for more complex and dynamic mapping capabilities. DBSync also has an automatic online update. This enables DBSync customers to enjoy all the product updates and features with every new release.


The data flow of bidirectional integration between Salesforce & TradeGecko is shown in the table below.


To facilitate the data flow between Salesforce and TradeGecko, the user must:

    • Have a valid license for DBSync to connect TradeGecko and Salesforce.

    • Have a valid Client ID and Client Secret to access the TradeGecko web service.

    • Have a valid username, password of the Salesforce instance.


Make Sure you have a valid Client ID and Client Secret to access the TradeGecko web service. For more information, follow the stage steps below:

Connector Configurations & Quick Setup of TradeGecko Connector

The following table represents the parameters required for opening the connection to the TradeGecko Instance.




Client Id

The Client ID to connect to TradeGecko Inventory and Order management system


Client Secret

The Client Secret to connect to TradeGecko Inventory and Order  management system


Stage -1: How to create an App in TradeGecko Instance:

  1. If you don't have an account with TradeGecko then, create a new one; otherwise, directly go to this link: https://go.tradegecko.com/oauth/applications/ to create a new application.

  2. Once you will click on the New Application button, it will redirect to the user to a new application page with required fields like Name, Website, Description, Support URL, Support Email, Setting URL, Icon Image and Redirect URL.

  3. Once you fill all the details then, click on the submit button to redirect to the application page.

  4. On the Application page, you will see all the application details like Client Id, Client Secret, and Callback URL.

Stage -2: How to connect a TradeGecko Instance with DBSync

  1. Go to the DBSync connectors page and click on the TradeGecko connector to provide credential details like Client ID and Client Secret for validation. 

  2. After that, click on the Connect button. This will redirect you to TradeGecko Login popup.

  3. Enter the Email-Id and password of your TradeGecko instance to authenticate your user credentials and grant access to DBSync App. 

  4. After successful authentication, your TradeGecko username will be displayed on the connector settings page. This will indicate that TradeGecko is connected to DBSync.

Getting Started with DBSync

  1. Go to www.mydbsync.com and register for a Free Trial. Ensure that Source and Target Adapters are Salesforce & TradeGecko respectively. Fill in the User Registration form to complete registration.
  2. This will send an Email from dbsync-notification@mydbsync.com to the registered Email id. Click on the activation link to activate your DBSync account.
  3. Login to your DBSync account. Then, click on the template library and Import Salesforce & TradeGecko - Bidirectional Integration template to your workspace.

  4. Clicking on "Launch Development studio" will redirect the user to the connectors landing page. Configure both, salesforce and TradeGecko connectors, respectively by following the steps listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is TradeGecko?

A: TradeGecko provides a powerful cloud-based commerce platform for growing companies. TradeGecko supports businesses that operate with multiple users, sales channels, warehouses, currencies and tax requirements. In addition to that, it also offers CRM tools and integrations that are essential to business - including accounting software, marketplaces, and many other tools.

Q: Can I get a trial of DBSync TradeGecko Instance?

A: DBSync is available free for 14 days trial after going through the signup process.

Q: Can this connector be used for bi-directional integration?

A: Yes. Furthermore, if you so choose, you can also make it uni-directional.

Q: How frequently can we perform Integration?

A: DBSync has the ability to trigger data integration for as low as three minutes.

Q: How does DBSync connect to TradeGecko Instance?

A: DBSync connects to the TradeGecko Inventory and Order Management system through a connector called TradeGecko Instance. Its inbuilt API methods open a connection to the TradeGecko application for data retrieval and data insertion.

Q: Does DBSync need to be installed on the same machine as that of TradeGecko Instance?

 A: No. Since both platforms are available through the cloud. However, if need be, it can be installed on-premise.

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