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"Trigger" is a mechanism to activate/extract information from the source system to use in the target system.

Trigger facilitates information to be read from the source system through a mechanism called Query Builder.

There are advanced versions of the query builder mechanism, where complex queries - involving across multiple objects - can be created. The result set can be viewed at run-time, making it convenient for users to change a query as and when needed. 

Trigger section is as shown below:

Query Builder

DBSync offers a very convenient way of building queries - ranging from simple to very complex queries.

  1. On the Workflow page, select the data source and the object on which the query is to be built.
  2. Add N number of conditions for the query being built -  "Add New Condition".
  3. For adding a condition, a user has to select a field, an operator and, then enter the value within.
  4. Based on the number of conditions added, the filter logic is auto-populated. However, a user can change the logic by manually entering a value. 
  5. "Preview" - Shows the result set in the Query Result section.

Advanced Query Builder 

The advanced query builder lets the user build complex queries and contains three sections:

  1. Schema - Loads up the whole of the source schema with the table. It can be expanded to show the columns with respective data types. 
  2. Query Builder - Queries are pre-loaded for Templates loaded from the Template library. A user can write their own queries too.
  3. Query Result  - Shows result of relational data models and XML structures. The data is shown in a tree format.

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