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DBSync Installation and Setup

  1. Download the DBSync .Exe file from email which you have received at the time of registration and also the .Exe is available in DBSync home page as shown below. 

 2. Follow the steps for installation which are self explanatory in nature. 

If you have selected the option 'Set DBSync as Service' during installation, then DBSync would be running as a Windows Service in the background. If you have not opted to select this, then you can start DBSync from your Start Up > Program Files > DBSync Integration Suite.

DBSync Configuration

  1. Login into dbsync by following the https://dbsync05.appmashups.com/appcenter/login in your internet browser. You can provide the username and password which has been emailed during registration with us.

DBSync as Windows Service

  1. Go to Windows Startup
  2. Click on "DBSync Integration Suite"
  3. Click on "Set as Service"

Alternatively you can follow the following article to configure installed Tomcat as a Windows service


Tomcat and IIS: Install & Setup


Load Balancing and best Practices


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