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Target Recruit & QuickBooks integration : Desktop


DBSync for & QuickBooks provides an easy to use application to synchronize Accounts, Contacts, Projects, Timesheet and many more in the form of Receivable transactions into QuickBooks  Track Payments by Projects and run analytics to manage your client engagements more effectively.  The application provides a pre-built field map along with a flexible advance mapping capability and configuration capability. The application also has an automatic online update so you never have to manually upgrade your application.

Data Flow

Data flow of Bi-directional integration between Target Recruit and QuickBooks Desktop is shown in the table below. Bi-directional integration enables inserting a new record as well as updating the existing record in either direction.

Target Recruit

QuickBooks Online



Account Name

Customers (name)

Account Number


Billing Address (Street, City/Town, State/Province, Postal Code, Country)

Billing Address (Street, City/Town, State/Province, Postal Code, Country)








Contact Name



Contact (name)




Doc Number

Invoice NO.

End Date


Due Date

Due Date

Bill Address

Bill Address

Invoice Template

PO Number

PO Number

Receivable Lines

Transaction Lines

Transaction line Item "Task" or "Expense Category" depending


Transaction line Item "Date Approved"

Invoice Line Description

Transaction line Item Unit Rate

Invoice Item Rate

Transaction line Item Quantity

Invoice Item Quantity





Billing Address

Bill To

Shipping Address

Ship To








PO / Bills

Vendor Name

Vendor Name

AP Number

PO Number


Created Date

Due Date

Due Date

Payable Lines

Transaction Lines

Transaction line Item(AP) Product

PO Item Name

Transaction line Item(AP)Product Description

PO Line Description

Transaction line Item(AP) Unit Price

Item Rate

Transaction line Item(AP) Quantity

Item Quantity

Account Name

Vendor Name

Process Map

Process Map of Bi-directional integration between Target Recruit & QuickBooks Desktop is shown in the image below.

Pre-requisites for Integration

  • Integration of Target Recruit to QBOE transaction is invoked if the Generate field in Target Recruit receivable items is selected with the required transaction.

  • It is mandatory that Target Recruit Receivables (to be integrated with QBOE Invoice) are associated with respective Target Recruit Account. And, it also should have Products with Standard Price Book attached to it for DBSync to invoke integration.

DBSync package (QuickBooks Integration) Installation in Target Recruit

  1. Get the following App from AppExchange for your TR instance -

  2. Note: If you are installing into a Sandbox, you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

  3. Input Username and Password of the TR instance where you would like to install DBSync. The Username and Password must belong to a user with administrative privileges to install.

  4. You can see details like App Name, Publisher, Version Name, Version Number along with Components & API Access.

  5. Select a profile - Admin, All Users or a specific profile. The selected profile will have access to the installed package. Then, click install or upgrade.

  6. Once the process is complete, you will see a message - Installation or Upgrade complete. 

  7. Assign DBSync Page Layouts to Accounts, Contacts, Receivables. Refer to the following steps to assign DBSync Page layout to Accounts Object. Existing Page Layout will be replaced by DBSync Page Layout. Any custom fields available in the existing page layout should be moved to DBSync Page Layout if required.

  8. Go to Target Recruit Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts. This will show the list of available Page Layouts for Accounts Object. Click on Page Layout Assignment.

  9. You will find the list of default Page Layouts assigned for every Salesforce Profile. Click on Edit Assignment to proceed.

  10. Click on the Page Layout next to the required profile. Account Layout is the existing Page Layout for System Administrator Profile. The profile should be assigned to DBSync's Page Layout. In this case Account Layout should be selected next to System Administrator's profile.

  11. Select DBSync Account Layout from Page Layout To Use picklist. Page Layout will be changed from Account Layout to DBSync Account Layout. Click on Save to save the new Page Layout assignment.

  12. Similarly, assign DBSync Page Layout for Target Recruit Objects - Contacts, Receivables, Receivable line items etc.

DBSync Profile Setup

  1. Go to & register for Free Trial. Ensure that Source & Target Adapters are Target Recruit & QuickBooks respectively.

  2. Save Target Recruit credentials and QuickBooks location in your DBSync's profile. Then, configure the QuickBooks Web Connector. For details, please click on the following wiki link. 

Run Integration from QuickBooks Web Connector

  1. Considered following points carefully before integrating Standard DBSync Target Recruit QuickBooks Bi-directional.

  2. Integration of Target Recruit to QuickBooks transaction is invoked if the Generate field in Target Recruit  Receivables is selected with the required transaction.

  3. It is mandatory that Target Recruit Receivables (to be integrated with QuickBooks 

  4. Transaction) is associated with the respective Target Recruit Account, And, it should also have Products with Standard Price Book attached to theTR Receivables for DBSync to invoke integration. Furthermore, Products should also have QuickBooks Item Type.

  5. The Primary Contact updated in TR Receivableswill sync with QuickBooks Contacts.

  6. QuickBooks to TR Integration works on timestamp. Any new or modified Customer, Items or transaction in QuickBooks, will be integrated with Salesforce based on the Mapping selection.

  7. Once you are done with the mappings, go to your QuickBooks Web Connector by clicking on Start > Programs > QuickBooks > Web Connector. Then, click on the Password text box for profile dbsync2-TargetRecruitQuickBooksBiDirectional as highlighted below:

  8. Enter your DBSync Password in the text box and click Enter on your keyboard. When asked, "Do you want to save this password", click Yes. DBSync Password will be saved in the Web Connector.

  9. Check the DBSync2-TargetRecruitQuickBooksBiDirectional checkbox. Click on the Update Selected button. Sync will start and complete automatically. Auto-Run can also be used in Web Connector to run integration at regular intervals. For example, if you select a 60 minutes time interval. After every 60 minutes, the integration will run by itself, as long as Web Connector is open.

Key Features

  • Integration from to QuickBooks  

  • Easily extend, map and create new business processes and mappings. Additional service charges may apply.  

  • Supports custom objects in  

  • Supports Data Extension in QuickBooks  

  • Supports Multiple QuickBooks files  

  • Migrate data from QuickBooks to Salesforce or vice-versa  

  • Run your application on-premise or on-demand

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity by reducing double data entry  

  • Increase data visibility across multiple systems 

  • Reduced A/R by streamlining timesheet data entry

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