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In the walk through, let's see how a user can append First Name and Last Name. For this, the user has to follow the following steps:

All User Defined Functions have to be followed with the header "//@UserDefined" for DBSync to recognize it as User Defined Function. When done so, it is populated in the UserDefined list of the "Mapping page".

  1. User has to login to DBSync ipaas and navigate to Functions page.
  2. Click on New Function. This will navigate a User to a Function Creation screen.
  3. Name a Function of his/her choice and define the Function in the space provided. 
  4. Click on Save to save the User Defined Function.

Following screenshot illustrates creation of a Function: 

Use the following Code snippet to test the concept:

function fullName(firstName, lastName){
  return firstName + " " + lastName;
function fullName(firstName, lastName){  return firstName + " " + lastName;
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