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DBSync's QuickBooks Online Connector provides an easy way to perform integration, data extraction or data loading into QuickBooks Online Accounting software. The connector connects directly to QuickBooks REST APIs. The connector allows a user to query, add, modify and delete various types of records - including customers, Items, Vendors, Invoices, Sales orders, Purchase orders and much more. 


To establish a connection to QuickBooks desktop via DBSync's QuickBooks Online Connector, User must:

  • Have a valid license to DBSync QuickBooks Online connector, username and password to connect to DBSync iPaaS platform.
  • Have user credentials to connect to QuickBooks online account.

Connector Configurations

A QuickBooks Online connection represents a single QuickBooks organization, including login credentials. If a user wishes to connect to multiple instances of the either sandbox/production then, s/he must create a separate connection for each and configure the parameters accordingly. QuickBooks online connector support OAUTH authentication.

The table below represents parameters required for opening the connection to QuickBooks online instance.





The username to login to QuickBooks online edition.



The password to login to QuickBooks online edition.



The environment is the connection type which is being established to the target application being connected.

By default, the value selected is "production/developer" account. Possible values are as follows:

Production/developer: It is the setting where apps are put into operation for their intended use by end users.

Sandbox: It is virtual space provided by Intuit in which new, or untested, app can be run securely.


Steps For Quick Setup 

  1. Login to your DBSync iPaaS with your user credentials. 
  2. On the connector detail page of your QuickBook Online Rest connector, you will find "Connect to QuickBooks". Click the button to be redirect to intuit popup.
  3. Enter Email/Userid and password of your QuickBooks online Account to authenticate your user credentials. The steps to authenticate your user account is self-explanatory - with additional authentication where you need to enter the code sent to you on your registered email id.
  4. After successful authentication, your QuickBooks online username and the company name will be displayed on the connector settings page. This indicates QuickBooks online connector is connected to your QuickBooks online account.

Uses Of QuickBooks Online Connector

  1. Eliminate manual data entry by connecting QuickBooks to other systems that are supported by DBSync.
  2. Automate business process to increase efficiency across departments by reducing the need for data reconciliation. 
  3. Make your customer, item, vendor, invoice records as zero error prone as possible while moving in, and out of, QuickBooks.

Supported Versions

  • We support their latest version of API i.e. Version 7.7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a trial of DBSync?

A: DBSync is available free for 30 days trial after going through the Signup process.

Q: Can this connector be used for Bi-Directional sync?

A: Yes. Furthermore, if you so choose, you can also make it uni-directional.

Q: Is this connector available with, On-Demand or On-Premise, Versions?

A: This profile is available with both Versions.

Q: How Frequently can we perform Sync?

A: Sync can be performed every 5 minutes.

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