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Connectors, or also known as adapters, from an integration standpoint are set of components within the iPaaS that opens a connection to external systems. They are used to authenticate, push and pull data from external systems.

Connectors in DBSync are categorized into two types: 

  1. Standard Connectors 
  2. Custom Connectors

Standard Connectors:

Standard connector presents a published constant Interface (API) to users and other components on the upstream side of the connector. Applications can reference these upstream APIs and reach the components regardless of where they are connected. On the downstream side, the connectors are linked to application components through a process much like a directory function or a publish-and-subscribe application interface.

DBSync supports the below list of standard connectors that can connect, with external systems, irrespective of whether it is a cloud, or on-premise, based applications. We are constantly evolving and are constantly trying to grow our connector list to facilitate data flow with external systems that will be easy to connect and work within the iPaaS platform.

Custom Connectors:

DBSync provides SDK for building custom connectors. This will be discussed in later articles.

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