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A workflow is a collection of one Trigger and a set of rules required to perform an integration.

The status can be set to, 'On or Off'. An on status will enable a workflow to execute - either by schedule or by Run Now action. An Off status will disable a workflow from executing. Properties can also be set by selecting appropriate fields and save.

The below screenshot illustrates the workflow listing page. All workflows have a sequence in order of execution. 

Create, Edit and Delete Workflow

To create a workflow - "Create New Workflow

  1. Enter a preferred name and "Save" to view the Workflow on the listing page.
  2. "Edit"- To edit/change the Workflow name.
  3. "Delete"- To Delete the Workflow and all of its components from the system. Once deleted, a user will not be able to recover Workflows, or any of its components, from the system.
  4.  "Download"-  Download the Workflow in a zipped format in the Downloads folder of the local file system.

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