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To run the integration manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to DBSync through the URL- "https://www.mydbsync.com/

  2. Steps to login DBSync Cloud Workflow Account.

    1. Go to My Account option and click on Customer Login.

    2. Login Page: Enter the Username, Password and click on Sign-in.

    3. Forgot Password: Reset your password to log-in again. 
    4. Create an Account: For more details, click here: Getting started

    In the case of QuickBooks Desktop, the user can go to the web connector to run to schedule the sync.

  3. Once logged in, click on Development Studio to go to the DBSync Project page.

  4. "Connector"-  Go to connectors to validate or re-connect the connection again. For more details, how to Create a New Connector as shown below.

    Click on to "Create New Connector" and enter a preferred name and "Select Connector Type" option from the drop-down menu and save.

     "Edit"- Enter the Connector details like End Point, End Point URL, Files, and Versions, etc. Click on validate Connection and Save.

    Note: Click on headers to know more in detail.

  5.  Projects -  Click on edit to go to the Processes.
  6.  Process - Run the current process, or select the correct process to go to the workflow.
  7.  WorkFlow - If needed change the status from on and off if required and click on edit to change the workflow.
  8. If a user needs to change in mapping fields, Source and Target details then go to the trigger and rule section to update the details.
    1. "Trigger" - Read more, click here: Trigger  
    2. "Rule" -Read more, click here: Rules
  9. Run Now: Click on Run Now to start the Sync.
  10.  Logs - Once the sync runs, it can be monitored via logs and the user can download the logs in case of any errors. For any queries to reach out to the DBSync support team.
  11. Scheduler - For Cloud-based application, we can use the DBSync scheduler to Schedule the sync.
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